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dHEDGE Gains $650,000 Investment From Five Major DAOs

dHEDGE Gains $650,000 Investment From Five Major DAOs

mStable, Horizon Finance, Maple Finance, InsurAce, and Perpetual Protocol, five major DAOs have invested in dHEDGE. DAOs that had previously invested in the protocol -The LAO, dHEDGE DAO, and Synthetix DAO - have shown impressive statistics with performance above 100% in under six months.

dHEDGE announced the news on Twitter:

BIG NEWS! 5 Major DAOs Investing in dHEDGE dTOP index. @mstable_ @Horizon_Fi @maplefinance @insur_ace @perpprotocol. Combined will be investing $650k!

These DAOs have all committed to invest part of their treasury on the dHEDGE platform starting now. 

dHEDGE DAO Encourages Diversification

mStable and Perpetual Protocol have invested $200,000 each, Horizon Finance and Maple Finance have invested $100,000 each (Maple’s investment is subject to final ratification), and InsurAce has invested $50,000. DAOs can benefit from true diversification.

Investors at dHEDGE can benefit from zero slippage of synthetic assets, both long and short. The available assets on dHEDGE are beyond crypto: they include assets like equities, commodities, FX, etc. These are some of the largest asset classes in the world available on the DAO.

Introducing dHEDGE Top Index (dTOP) 

Some DAOs don’t prefer to manage a pool by themselves actively. Such DAOs can gain exposure through an actively managed index, dTOP. It acts as a form of exposure to an actively managed index. dTOP as a form of exposure has recently attracted a venture fund SevenX Ventures to invest $ 100000.

dTOP is a tokenized index that mirrors the best traders on dHEDGE. It crowdsources the best managers and ranks them based on risk-adjusted returns. Exposure to the best traders is thus guaranteed through one ERC-20 token.

The score that dTOP ranks managers reflect a value-weighted risk-adjusted return measure called Sortino Ratio. dTOP lists ten pools with the highest rank at the end of each month and displays them on the dHEDGE Leaderboard.

Each pool has a weighted index relative to its score. dTOP is managed by a bot that tracks pools in the index, along with each of their underlying exposures. The bot also pays the gas for all the rebalancing it does. The performance fees are shared with managers of the pools in the index.

What Makes dHEDGE The DAO Of Choice

dHEDGE maintains transparency. There is complete visibility of pool managers’ past trading activity and track record. It offers self-custody. Investors can keep custody and control over their pool positions. Withdrawal can be anytime and not based on external schedules. 

Since managers on dHEDGE are analyzed across multiple metrics, there is competitive performance along with risk and strategy that investors observe while allocating capital. Investors can also earn extra rewards in native DHT tokens for participation in dHEDGE pools. The dHEDGE app on Gnosis Safe allows DAOs to manage dHEDGE investments using multi-sig. 

About dHEDGE

dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol. It connects investment managers worldwide with investors on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done in a permissionless, non-custodial, trustless manner. dHEDGE aims to leverage the unique capabilities of Ethereum and Synthetix and democratize the investing experience

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.