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Pinknode To Empower Splyt Protocol E-Commerce Ecosystem With Partnership

Pinknode To Empower Splyt Protocol E-Commerce Ecosystem With Partnership

Pinknode, a Polkadot-based infrastructure-as-a-service project, has partnered with Splyt, an e-commerce supply chain infrastructure platform powered by the Polkadot blockchain. The partnership will boost an eNFT project to strengthen the goal of a transparent e-commerce ecosystem.

Splyt combines e-commerce with blockchain technology-based integrations. It has business models and blockchain offerings that support the claim that it is the future of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. 

Key Features Of The Partnership 

Pinknode will be the key node provider for Splyt, providing infrastructure support for all Splyt users. The security and reliability of Pinknode’s infrastructure provided are according to Splyt’s standards and requirements. Pinknode can reduce the burden of node deployment and management from Splyt’s developers and users. 

This way, Splyt’s focus will be on maximizing key business objectives, customer data security, and transaction efficacy. Splyt offers Plug and Play features, which allows a smooth connection to Layer 2 eNFT infrastructure and has connected Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce to the Polkadot blockchain.

These e-commerce sites have a massive mainstream network and exposure. Shopify hosts 1 million stores in over 175 countries, and Woocommerce has 5.5 million stores. All these operators will be using the Pinknode ecosystem’s architecture and cohesiveness. 

Splyt’s eNFT E-Commerce Solution

The eNFT feature allows users to tokenize off-chain products. This will enable streamlining of digital commerce, allowing data tracking of a product throughout its lifetime. E-commerce is plagued with double-selling, but this issue is resolved when the product for sale is assigned a unique e-NFT. 

Splyt can expedite decentralized e-commerce transactions with reduced gas costs with Polkadot’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-driven substrates. Splyt will integrate with Polkadot through the Plasm parachain by utilizing Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

About Pinknode

Pinknode is a Polkadot-only Infrastructure-as-a-Service project. It aims to accelerate adoption so innovators can create and explore possibilities on the Web 3.0 meta protocol. It provides API endpoints through a streamlined onboarding process. 

This way, it maintains a secure, reliable, and scalable node infrastructure and nudges innovators towards development, thus accelerating product life cycles.

About Splyt

Splyt is an e-commerce NFT infrastructure that connects e-commerce stores, brands, and affiliates. It assigns each product with a unique eNFT and provides users with a global and up-to-date inventory.

An eNFT is a certificate of authenticity to prevent counterfeits. A built-in smart contract enables the holding of payments in escrow to avoid scams. It also has a commission to incentivize affiliates and stores. 

The protocol is equipped with automated dispute and arbitration mechanisms. Consensus-based governance allows it to maintain decentralization, flexibility, and user engagement.

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