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Beat the Bear: Enter CIRUS Web3

Beat the Bear: Enter CIRUS Web3

If you’ve been interested in crypto, NFTs, the metaverse or data privacy rights over the last several years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard that data is the new oil. It’s so true! Data is arguably the most valuable commodity on the planet. Not only is it valuable economically, it’s a very personal thing to share with companies (and other people)

As connectivity, social media, crypto, the metaverse, gaming, NFTs, and virtual reality continue to stir together in technology’s melting pot, the Web 3.0 revolution will continue to accelerate, and data is going to be the backbone of the whole thing.

Now that you (and people all around the world) can own and monetize your data for yourself with Cirus, it’s clear that a changing of the guard is taking place. Cirus is building the future of Web 3.0.

Let’s dive deeper into what that means for both you, Cirus, and the future.

Defining Web 3.0

Believe it or not, the phrase Web 3.0 isn’t just a trending buzzword. It defines the mission of an entire movement of industries, ecosystems and projects. The Web3 Foundation believes in “an Internet where users own their data, not corporations. Global digital transactions are secure. Online exchanges of information and value are decentralized.”

Does any of the above sound familiar? The $CIRUS token and the mission of The Cirus Foundation is all about unlocking the value of your data and giving it directly to you. Cirus will not only lead to the building out of Web 3.0. It will put individual users like you at the forefront of the Ownership Economy.

The first tenet of both Web3 and Cirus is individual data ownership. That will never change. Data is the native asset in the digital world. If you’re online, you’re generating data, and that data has value.

How Cirus is Making an Impact on the Web 3.0 Movement

The launch of the Cirus Web Extension for Google Chrome (also coming to Firefox soon) last month makes Cirus the first  real active platform to bring data ownership to Web 3.0. The web extension is just the first product out of the door, as development continues on a full suite of tools that will empower more utility on desktops, mobile, and hardware devices, including the router that spreads your Internet connection throughout your home.

While the development of those products continues, you can generate value for yourself and start  getting Cirus tokens for your data, which can later be leveraged into DeFi protocols, traded for other cryptocurrencies, or used to purchase NFTs as you prepare to dive deeper and deeper into the metaverse, creating the digital version of your future self. All while keeping the value you’re creating in your wallet where it belongs.

Crius Will Not Only Unlock Your Data, It enables you to  Magnify the Value of It

The world has been living in the sharing economy for many years now. You can thank companies like Uber and Airbnb for that. Here’s the thing. Those companies are decentralizing transportation and hotel rooms, yet they are not really killing taxi companies and hotel chains on a mass scale the way the world thought they would when they arrived nearly a decade ago.

Instead, they are magnifying the value of their entire industries by allowing more people to participate, expanding services, creating more competition, and spawning even more opportunities downstream, all of which is good for you, the end-user (and the industry as a whole).

With these services, you’re no longer tied to the old way of booking transportation, or a place to stay. You have more options. Decentralizing a previously centralized industry or asset amplifies its value. That’s why it makes sense that Airbnb’s direct impact on the economy was estimated at over $34 billion as of 2019 (and that’s before the pandemic grabbed a hold of the travel and hotel industries).

Put that through the lens of Cirus. Consider that even if unlocking the monetary value of your data and giving it to you through the $CIRUS tokens doesn’t kill Facebook, Google, Amazon and the like, it enables you to leverage the value into Crypto, DeFi and a host of other downstream opportunities. Giving you more options  ultimately amplifies the value of your information, and that doesn’t take into account the additional downstream opportunities that will surely arise as data starts to take hold as its own asset-class within Web 3.0.

You’ll be part of the driving force of change in the Web 3.0 era because you (and millions of people all around the world) will get to redirect the value that comes with your data into whatever stream you want.

It only makes sense then that Cirus is the conduit that will bring massive value from Big Data into Web 3.0, where crypto, DeFi, digital assets (NFTs) will act as a lens to magnify that value, in the same way it happens when any centralized industry becomes decentralized.

All the power to you. That’s what Cirus and Web 3.0 are all about.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice