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Decentralization Takes Center Stage As GemUni Rolls Out Latest Crypto Gaming Platform

Decentralization Takes Center Stage As GemUni Rolls Out Latest Crypto Gaming Platform

Play-to-earn games have proven that blockchain can be deployed in a variety of ways. A few years back, these games never existed, as gaming companies still relied on the centralized market to thrive. Now, P2E games have become commonplace and are increasingly becoming popular. These games are one the most sought out in the gaming world. 

The increase in crypto adoption and NFTs gave companies insight on the possibility of integrating the crypto economy into gaming - an idea that seemed impossible until now. One thing led to another, and now, the number of NFT games currently is overwhelming. A 2021 report from DappRadarrevealed that 50% of all blockchain users utilized a gaming application. 

But, here comes the issue with the current crop of NFT games. While they give players the opportunity to earn while playing, those projects consist of only one type of game. Playing one type of game can be exciting at first,but in the long run, it will get tiring, and the player will be forced to look elsewhere. In addition, some of the games are old, and might not be what the player actually wants to play at that point in time. 

The only way to solve the problem is if there's a play-to-earn ecosystem with several crypto games for players of all age categories to play. Fortunately, this gaming platform exists, and it's called GemUni

GemUni Builds a New Decentralized Play-to-Earn Platform for Everyone

GemUni is a decentralized NFT game platform leveraging the P2E model for gamers globally to play easily and have fun. Users can choose to play any game that they deem fit as opposed to the one game thing that's common in most gaming platforms. GemUni is designed for gamers to monetize their time and playing experience for NFTs.  

The game is founded by Cassie Nguyen, who is also the C.E.O. The game project is advised by a dedicated team of experts led by Mr. Peter Vesterbacka. The aim of the team is to bridge the gap between gaming and the new P2E mechanics to create an ecosystem that will serve billions of gamers and studios worldwide. 

The gaming platform features two types of gaming sections - Casual and Signature Gaming. As the name suggests, the casual gaming platform consists of prominent regular games suitable for everyone of all ages. Casual games are categorized into Arcade and Action, Sports, Lifestyle, and so on. The game team will release more Casual games before Q1 ends. 

The Signature comprises unique games built apart from casual games. These games maximize the user’s gaming experience and earning potential. The various games included in this platform will have its native token that will be offered as rewards to gamers. 

A user must possess a GENI Pass NFT to access both platforms. This GENI Pass NFT is further divided into five separate levels - Stone, Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, and Citrine. Each level determines your earning rate while playing the games. GemUni also has a marketplace that allows the trading of in-game items, GENI Pass NFTs using the project’s currency GENI and other supported cryptocurrencies. 

GemUni Plans Ahead of 2022

GemUni concluded its Initial Dex Offering on GameFi, Red Kite, and KrystalGo yesterday, and the success was resounding. The project token GENI was sold out in an hour at $0.2 per token and got listed successfully on PancakeSwapand KyberSwap

Before its recently concluded offering, the game platform had achieved other milestones. Last year, it successfully raised $2 million in a private fundraising round from over 30 investors. Also, last year, GemUni had a grand opening INO event to mark the sale of GENI Pass NFTs. 

The platform is looking forward to achieving other milestones in its roadmap. It will release its Signature Gaming Platform, a marketplace, DAO Treasury, Side Chain, and launchpad in Q2. GemUni is also planning to collaborate with game studios and artists to further develop its NFT gaming platform. 

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