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Gala Games studios AAA games are coming later this year

Gala Games studios AAA games are coming later this year

It surely can be argued that blockchain gaming, along with NFTs, will completely change the online gaming landscape in the years to come. Gala Games, looks to be one of the leading games studios for this revolution. A number of games are already taking shape on the platform, and three new next generation, triple A games are on the way.

Last Expedition

Said to be the world’s first blockchain AAA first-person shooter that is entirely owned by the players. The game is being co-developed by Certain Affinity, with the input of Halo 2 legend Max Hoberman.

Source: Taken from Last Expedition trailer on Gala Games website

Gala Games are looking to move from the ethereum blockchain and on to their own Gala chain. According to CryptoStache, Last Expedition could well be the first showcase game to appear on their home-grown chain, but given the size of this development, the Gala chain won’t likely be out until the end of this year.

The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead is very much becoming part of the crypto/NFT sector. It already has land in The Sandbox, and now it is being developed as a AAA play-to-earn game in the Gala studio.

The game is multiplayer survival, and teams will have to do whatever it takes to build their base, form alliances, and of course, deal with the walking dead.

Source: Taken from The Walking Dead trailer on Gala Games website

According to CryptoStache, there isn’t a land map for The Walking Dead yet, and so he believes there will be a “land rush” for players and teams to come in and quickly stake their claims. 

Echoes of Empire

A turn-based sci-fi strategy game where factions battle against each other with heroes, knights and starship fleets. Celestial land claims entitle the owner to mine the in-game currency DUST. Also, the owner can rent out their land claims to others.

Source: Taken from Echoes of Empire trailer on Gala Games website

The game enables you to play as an individual, or to join guilds. At the “Command Station”, a player can upgrade and repair their warships. Everything in the game can be player owned.

None of the above games are ready for release yet, but those wishing to play them, or to take advantage of purchasing the land and resources within them, may wish to keep a close eye on how they are developing.

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